An advocate in Hyderabad who delivers Islamic lectures and organises legal programmes

Adv. Nizam A. Khan is a young advocate and Islamic speaker who holds a Quran in one hand and the Constitution of India in the other.


Hyderabad : Mir Nizam Ali Khan, also known as Adv. Nizam A. Khan, is a well-known public speaker who addresses topics such as Islam, the Indian judiciary, and current issues. He is a born Muslim and a resident of Hyderabad, India. He is the great-grandson of Nawab Sultan Yawar Jung ul Mulk Bahadur Mir Vazir Ali Khan, who served as the Commissioner of Police in Hyderabad in 1905. Adv. Nizam A. Khan is the founder president of ALIF – Al Lisaan Islamic Foundation and Khan’s Advocates & Associates, a registered law firm. He is also a patron member of the Telangana High Court Advocates’ Association.

Adv. Nizam A. Khan is a young advocate and Islamic speaker who holds a Quran in one hand and the Constitution of India in the other. He aims to teach and preach at the same time, and he is particularly popular among young people. He started conducting seminars at the age of 15. He has an impressive educational background, including an MBA, M.Sc., M.A., LL.B, LL.M, and Ph.D. In a recent interview, he stated that his mission is to promote peace, harmony, national integration, and universal brotherhood among fellow citizens and human beings. He achieves this by teaching the teachings of the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, and the Constitution of India. His main objective is to help people understand basic human ethics, moral values, and their fundamental rights and duties. He delivers his lectures mainly in English and Urdu and attracts large audiences.

Adv. Nizam A. Khan also conducts various free legal awareness workshops, provides free legal aid, offers free coaching for the TSLAWCET exam, and provides admission guidance for aspiring law students. During his seminars, he emphasizes the importance of following the law of the land and respecting the gods, customs, and religious beliefs of other communities. He highlights that mocking or insulting other religions is a crime under Indian law and goes against the teachings of Islam. His seminars are non-political in nature.

Internationally, Adv. Nizam A. Khan has conducted seminars in countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Nepal. He also conducts social awareness programs on the consequences of drugs and narcotics, women’s safety, anti-dowry campaigns, and awareness of social evils. Along with his wife, Adv. Javeriya Nousheen, he runs a matrimonial counseling center where couples in dispute can receive effective counseling and reconcile without resorting to further court cases. They have achieved an 80% success rate in settling cases through arbitration and counseling. Adv. Nizam A. Khan also conducts workshops specifically for young people to guide, motivate, and encourage them to follow the law, live peaceful and respected lives, and become assets to their families, society, and India as a whole. He strongly discourages any involvement in anti-national or anti-social activities. He is active on various social media platforms, particularly YouTube, where thousands of videos of his seminars and legal awareness programs can be found.

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