Amrith Noni D plus proves as ‘elixir’ for diabetics, successfully completes human trial

Clinical trial of Amrith Noni D Plus was conducted on patients in the age group of 30 to 65


Mumbai : Amrith Noni D Plus, a potentially game-changing treatment for diabetes, has finished human trials.

Dr. A. K. Srinivasamurthy, MD, Managing Director of Valyou Products Pvt Ltd, revealed this to the press: “Diabetes is on the rise in India rapidly as a result of changes in lifestyle and diet.” To this end, Valyou Products Private Limited has produced Amrith Noni D-Plus via cutting-edge scientific inquiry and rigorous clinical testing, and has released it to the public for consumption. Today, it’s helping tens of thousands of people with diabetes.

We’re thrilled to share the excellent news that human trials of Amrith D Plus have been a resounding success. It has been demonstrated to aid in the fight against diabetes with zero (that’s right, zero) negative side effects. The research revealed a slew of previously unknown health advantages. Valyou Products Private Limited has done groundbreaking work in the field of Ayurveda. Our goal in providing you with this fantastic data is to enrich your life.

For the last 14 years, Valyou Products Private Limited has been assisting tens of thousands of individuals in bettering their health. Amrith Noni holds GMP and ISO certifications since the firm creates high-quality items under the supervision of physicians and researchers utilising cutting-edge technology. In an effort to increase awareness of the beneficial benefits of Ayurvedic medicine and Noni fruit, scientific studies were recently conducted on Amrith Noni D-Plus, an elixir for lakhs of diabetics. This research shows that Amrith Noni D-Plus is the most effective treatment for diabetes and its complications, with no negative side effects. Nonetheless, the company considered expanding its investigation of the Amrith Noni D-Plus supplement. As a result, the government of India authorised the research facility Syncretic Clinical Services Private Limited (CTRI registered) to receive samples of the Amrith Noni D-Plus product. The study’s findings from the last six months have finally arrived.

“I would want to respectfully notify the public that the Amrith Noni D Plus product has helped tens of thousands of patients with diabetes. Dr. Srinivasa Murthy elaborated by saying, “This is the result of several studies and trials.”

This report claims that the outcome was completely favourable and had no negative consequences.In fact, numerous previously unknown health advantages were uncovered in the course of studying and researching this substance.

It’s worth noting that for the last 14 years, Valyou Products Private Ltd has been assisting tens of thousands of individuals in bettering their health. According to Dr. Srinivasamurthy, “Amrith Noni D Plus is the proverbial Elixir for diabetic patients,” and the company has gained the love and trust of the people by the quality of its service and the performance of its employees and its goods. Amrith Noni D Plus samples were really donated to Syncretic Clinical Services Private Ltd, a government-approved research facility (CTRI Registered). The findings are encouraging.

Detailed Procedure Explanation Mr.Eugene Winifred, the study’s investigator, said that they tested the treatment on people aged 30 to 65 who had type 2 diabetes. The paper claims that the Amrith Noni D-Plus medication successfully brought the patients’ blood sugar levels under control. This paper highlights the fact that individuals who took Amrith Noni D-Plus had substantial reductions in HBA1C, FBS, PPBS, and LIPID PROFILE. There was also an increase in high density (good) cholesterol whereas a reduction in low density (bad) cholesterol was seen. That’s why Amrith Noni D-Plus is so good for you. It was shown that there were no negative impacts, just positive ones.

Taking Amrith Noni D-Plus constantly for six months did not negatively affect CBC, liver, kidney, or any other organ, according to the research. Those who had abnormally high potassium levels had their levels return to normal. According to a summary of a study from the CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRY OF INDIA, Syncretic Research Lab, not only is Amrith Noni D-Plus effective, but it is also very’safe’ to consume. This is a major achievement in Ayurvedic circles.  Amrith Noni, he said, would always remember this as a watershed event in its efforts to cater to its happy consumers all over the world.

Doctor Mahantesh said, “Clinical trial of Amrith Noni D Plus was conducted on patients in the age group of 30 to 65. We noticed that the blood sugar level had reduced and had come under control. In fact, the report also brought out the fact that HBA1C, FBS, PPBS and LIPID Profile got reduced and came under control. Additionally, there was decrease in Low Density Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) and an increase in High Density Cholesterol (Good Cholesterol). According to this report, diabetes was significantly reduced without any side effects among those taking Amrith Noni D-Plus. With Noni fruit and traditional Ayurvedic herbs, this product is marketed as a diabetic elixir. The hard work of the organization has paid off in this way.

“Conducting human trials for Ayurvedic medicine is a rare but crucial step towards building trust and authenticity. The milestone set by Amrith Noni D Plus in successfully completing such trials has given much-needed validation to Ayurveda. Let us continue to support and encourage further such trials to pave the way for a brighter future for Ayurvedic medicine.” – Shekhar Khole, Chairman of Ayurvedic Resellers Association.