Amid Kshatriya controversy, Parshottam Rupala kicks off his Rajkot campaign

Despite facing vehement protest from the Kshatriya community in Gujarat, the BJP leadership remains steadfast in its decision to retain Rupala as the candidate for the Rajkot seat.


Rajkot : Union Minister Parshottam Rupala, contesting on the BJP ticket from the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat, commenced his election campaign with a visit to the Ashapura temple in Rajkot, revered as the Kuldevi Ma of the Kshatriya community on Friday. Despite facing vehement protest from the Kshatriya community in Gujarat, the BJP leadership remains steadfast in its decision to retain Rupala as the candidate for the Rajkot seat.

Rupala’s campaign launch was overshadowed by the fallout from his controversial remarks about the Kshatriya community, sparking widespread anger among its members. Although Rupala issued an apology to the Kshatriya society, the controversy shows no signs of abating. Arriving in Rajkot from Delhi, Rupala wasted no time in paying homage at the Ashapura Mata temple and seeking blessings for his campaign. However, his visit was met with opposition from the Kshatriya community.

Taking to social media, Rupala shared a photo of his temple visit, expressing prayers for the well-being of all. Meanwhile, Karnisena’s women’s state president, Padminiba Vala, visited the temple and vowed to defeat Rupala, garnering support from other Karni Sena leaders and youth who pledged to vote against him.

Undeterred by the dissent, Rupala embarked on his campaign trail, visiting the Ashapura Mata temple and attending a self-reliant women’s program near Jamtawar. Amidst his interactions with women, Rupala’s outreach took a new turn as he shared meals with them, signaling a shift in his political strategy.

Confidence in Rupala’s candidacy appears unwavering, as speculation about his removal by the BJP dwindles. However, the absence of BJP leaders from the Kshatriya community during Rupala’s campaign activities highlights underlying tensions within the party.

Addressing the gathering, Rupala talked about the importance of women’s empowerment, citing the self-reliance scheme as a testament to their progress. Interacting with women at the event, Rupala emphasized his longstanding commitment to women’s upliftment, drawing praise and blessings from attendees, including former Rajkot Lok Sabha MP Mohan Kundaria, Rajya Sabha MP Ram Mokaria, and MLA Darshitaben Shah.

Reflecting on his participation in the self-reliant women’s meeting, Rupala reiterated his dedication to advocating for women’s rights and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with them. The presence of influential leaders and the blessings bestowed upon Rupala underscore the significance of women’s support in shaping the electoral landscape.


Yuvraj Bhagirath Singh Vaghela of Utelia princely state in Gujarat has been entrusted with the responsibility of gathering Royals from across the country to protest the controversial remark on Kshatriya community by union minister Parshottam Rupala. The Royals will gather and hold a press conference in Ahmedabad against Rupala on April 6. After which a meeting of the core committee of the Kshatriya Samaj will be held in Rajkot and the future strategy will be decided. Big programs have been organized in Rajkot as well as in Godhra. National Karni Sena president Mahipal Singh will come to Gujarat for all the programs.

Yuvraj Bhagirath Singh of Utelia said the Royal families across the country are very upset with the controversial statement given by Parshottam Rupala. The royal families have sacrificed a lot in the country’s democracy and such public statements by senior leaders like Rupala is very unfortunate. All royals have declared their support for the Kshatriya community. Wherever society needs us, we stand with them. Whatever next strategy or program will be prepared by the organizations, we will stay with them.