American young entrepreneur plans Personalized Indian e-commerce platform powered by AI

The platform aims to disrupt the Indian e-commerce market by optimising product search and selection, competitive prices and exceptional customer experience.


New Delhi : Christopher James White, an American entrepreneur and influencer, plans to enter the burgeoning Indian e-commerce sector with an AI-based e-commerce platform that will facilitate individualised purchasing.

With an initial investment of INR 10 crore, a new platform is being built to provide a more tailored shopping experience for consumers by improving product discovery, lowering prices without sacrificing quality, and streamlining logistics.

Among the many categories represented on the site will be consumer electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and housewares. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a Digital India, where e-commerce fuels entrepreneurship and the internet reaches and empowers all Indians, served as inspiration for the platform.

To put it simply, we can’t wait to unveil our artificial intelligence–powered e-commerce platform in India. With its enormous and varied consumer base and quickly expanding digital infrastructure, India is a promising market. The market is primed for innovation and upheaval thanks to rising internet usage and shifting consumer preferences. Mr. White, who is only 21, has more than 120 million followers across multiple social media platforms, and he believes that their platform will be a huge development for the Indian e-commerce market and will usher in substantial changes in the way Indian consumers purchase online.

The Indian e-commerce business is expanding rapidly, drawing substantial investment from both domestic and international firms. According to Statista, the online retail sector will expand from its current estimated $75 billion in 2022 to $188 billion in 2025 and $350 billion in 2030. By 2034, it is projected to overtake the United States as the world’s second-largest e-commerce market.

The existing major e-commerce players largely focused on large urban areas, but increasing penetration of smartphones and internet connectivity has given rise to a large market in smaller cities and even towns. Moreover, the Indian market is diverse with different languages, cultures, and preferences. With its advanced AI algorithms that can analyse customer data to offer targeted product suggestions that meet individual needs, and focus on delivering the best consumer experience, the platform has the potential to attract a large and loyal customer base.

A team of experienced professionals with expertise in AI, e-commerce and marketing is already working to roll out a world-class e-commerce platform that will be able to compete with existing market players.