Ahmedabad witnesses 20 fatal accidents in a month

The majority of these accidents occurred in high-risk areas such as SG Highway, Sola Bhagwat, and Gota Bridge in Ahmedabad


AHMEDABAD,GUJARAT : The city has witnessed a disturbing increase in fatal accidents over the past month, claiming the lives of 20 people. Among the deceased are 12 two-wheeler drivers and six pedestrians, with severe head injuries being the leading cause of death for the two-wheeler drivers who were not wearing helmets at the time of the accidents.

The fatalities include 13 young individuals, two minors, two middle-aged adults, and three elderly people. The majority of these accidents occurred in high-risk areas such as SG Highway, Sola Bhagwat, and Gota Bridge in Ahmedabad. Additionally, minors driving at excessive speeds have been involved in 31 accidents over the past year and a half, resulting in three fatalities among the minors.

Road safety experts and researchers point to several factors contributing to the high accident rates, particularly at night. Fatigue is more prevalent during nighttime driving, increasing the likelihood of errors. Poor visibility due to non-functioning street lights, overspeeding on open roads, and a general lack of traffic awareness among drivers also contribute significantly to the accident rate.

The statistics from the past three years are equally grim. The city recorded 3,899 accidents, resulting in 1,277 fatalities, 1,773 serious injuries, and 849 minor injuries. Over-speeding has been identified as the primary cause of these accidents, prompting traffic police to intensify their efforts to curb this behavior. In 2022, the police issued 40,288 speeding tickets, collecting fines totaling ₹8.62 crores. In 2023, the number of tickets slightly decreased to 34,693, with fines amounting to ₹7.07 crores. Despite these measures, the incidence of accidents continues to rise.

Authorities are urging citizens to adhere to traffic rules, especially emphasizing the importance of wearing helmets and avoiding overspeeding. The traffic police are also considering additional measures such as increasing patrols in high-risk areas, improving street lighting, and implementing more rigorous enforcement of traffic laws to enhance road safety.