Ahmedabad Enhances Women’s Safety with QR Code Scanning and “Nirbhaya” App

In order to curb threats on women's safety and reduce incidents of robbery, Ahmedabad initiated a campaign with QR coded stickers


Ahmedabad: In a significant move towards enhancing passenger safety, particularly women, the Ahmedabad city police have announced a two-pronged initiative. This includes the implementation of QR code stickers on all vehicles (approximately 2 lakh) and the launch of the “Nirbhaya” app.

QR Code Verification for Enhanced Transparency

“In order to curb threats to passengers and reduce incidents of robbery, we’ve decided to initiate a campaign with QR coded stickers,” said Ajay Chaudhary, Joint Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad City Special Branch. These stickers will be affixed to around 2 lakh vehicles, including rickshaws and cars.

The QR code system offers a layer of transparency for passengers. “The sticker can be scanned by the passenger and the driver,” explained Chaudhary. “The owner photo details of the vehicle will be displayed on the mobile screen.”

Taking Safety a Step Further with the “Nirbhaya” App

The initiative goes beyond QR code verification. The city police plan to launch the “Nirbhaya” app, empowering women with a direct line to help. “Every woman will be able to reach the police control room and her relatives as soon as she presses the SOS button,” said Chaudhary. Additionally, the app will transmit the user’s location to the nearest police patrol car.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

The QR code system offers a user-friendly experience. “QR code can be scanned in two ways,” explains the press release. “First is the Nirbhaya Safe City app and second is by using a QR code scanner on Google Chrome or directly from the camera.”

Once scanned, the QR code displays the driver and vehicle owner’s profile, including a photograph. Passengers can verify not only the driver’s details but also the vehicle’s age and any potential criminal history associated with the driver. “Based on that, the traveler can decide whether he or she is safe or not,” the press release states.

This initiative is expected to significantly benefit women passengers. “This QR code scanning project will help many girls and women in the near future,” the release highlights. Users can not only verify details but also share their live location with anyone for added security.

Investing in a Safer City

The “Nirbhaya” project is a multi-faceted approach to women’s safety.  “Along with it, smart lights have been installed at different places in Ahmedabad,” the press release mentions. These lights can be adjusted to provide better illumination in areas frequented by women, particularly during the night or in dimly lit areas.