Adidhala Group invests aggressively in Digi Prinfinity Pvt Ltd’s OOTBox Franchise Startup

Digi Prinfinity and OOTBox place customer focus at the centre of their brand trajectories


New Delhi : Digi Prinfinity Pvt Ltd, a major participant in the specialised market for customised gifts, has received a sizeable investment from the well-known Adidhala Group in its new franchise business venture, OOTBox, which specialises in the distribution of personalised presents. The investment from the Vijaypal Reddy Adidhala-founded conglomerate, which has interests in construction, mining, infrastructure, entertainment, and IT, signifies a strategic alliance between the two companies, with a focus on growing the OOTBox brand and making the revolutionary gifting platform a household name.

The fact that OOTBox won the coveted Innovative Franchise of the Year award at the Franchise India event, SuccessPreneur Awards 2023, in less than a year of operations is further proof that the franchise has what it takes to become a major player in the market and justify the recent round of investment it has received. The award shows that Digi Prinfinity Pvt.Ltd is respected by its peers, especially for the tremendous work it has done to unite under one flag a number of promising entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses. After onboarding, the franchise is also responsible for providing the SMEs with extensive training and assistance in order to set them on the road to financial success. The prize also recognises a key aspect of the OOTBox franchise business model: the ability to quickly and easily recoup initial investment via “bootstrap” operations.

Digi Prinfinity and OOTBox place customer focus at the centre of their brand trajectories. Since its founding, the company has made it its mission to assist consumers make lasting memories with those they care about by providing them with thoughtful, personalised presents for important events.

Durga Prasad K. said, “The thought behind our brand is simple: making the special moments count,” when discussing the company’s brand objective during the most recent funding round. The time and thought our loved ones put into making our presents unique always warms our hearts. Adding a personal touch is crucial. Helping clients create the perfect personalised present has always been our first priority, and this has necessitated a high degree of organisation and storage space. Expanding our reach, services, and portfolio will be necessary as we continue to gain momentum and develop and as the industry itself advances in order to better serve our customers. This additional funding will be used to further that goal.

Digi Prinfinity Pvt Ltd., based in Hyderabad, has been a success story since its founding in 2020. The company’s origin story starts with a single concept shop on personalised presents. Durga Prasad Kandivalasa, CEO and Founder of Digi Prinfinity, saw enormous consumer interest and took the risky step of expanding the company. Thanks to his exceptional business acumen, Digi Prinfinity was able to sell five profitable franchise stores in just three months, leading to the formation of their corporate avatar in 2022. The honour serves as a reminder that Digi Prinfinity has always been an advocate for small companies, providing them with a hub from which they may flourish.

Behind the current success of Digi Prinfinity lies the vision and continual leadership of Mr. Durga Prasad, who envisions the brand to be a leading player in the world market with the franchise, which stands for values such as integrity, creativity, and exceptional customer service. The entrepreneur has been the driving force behind the constant innovation the company has insofar deftly executed, catering to the myriad and evolving needs of the customers and the market, making the company a noteworthy and resilient name in the start-up ecosystem.  Moreover, leading the brand journey of Digi Prinfinity, it is worth mentioning that the CEO draws from his solid 12 years of sales and marketing experience in major companies such as GMR Group, Amazon India, Swarovski, Essar Group, and Hoist Advertising Company.

In terms of future plans, the company is set to spread its presence with a new set of stores across India, along with the launch of a novel range of products and services. Moreover, following the portfolio and franchise expansions, with the aim of hastening the gift-giving process, there is an e-commerce web app on Digi Prinfinty’s anvil. Boosting the company’s operations, the application will enable customers to customize their gifts online and then receive the same at the nearest OOTBox store via same-day delivery services.

To conclude, it suffices to say that with the recent investment and the robust expansion plans and e-commerce application on the way, Digi Prinfinity Pvt. Ltd. is resolved to be a major player in the market, which will not only be an intimate part of our special moments with the personalized presents but also with its franchise model be a major source of empowerment for those who want to foray into the commercial arena.

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