Adani Vidyamandir Ahmedabad Celebrates Yoga Day with Unique Activities and Sustainable Gifts

The event, held at the school's premises in Patangan, enthralled students and teachers alike, promoting physical well-being, environmental consciousness, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Ahmedabad : Adani Vidyamandir in Ahmedabad, known for its commitment to providing free quality education to gifted children facing financial challenges, marked International Yoga Day with a memorable and distinctive celebration. The event, held at the school’s premises in Patangan, enthralled students and teachers alike, promoting physical well-being, environmental consciousness, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Under the theme of the global SDGs, the Yoga Day celebration at Adani Vidyamandir aimed to instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment while emphasizing the importance of good health and quality education. The students, clad in yoga uniforms, showcased remarkable dedication and discipline throughout the event.

The program commenced with a prayer followed by a captivating dance performance accompanied by Patanjali’s yoga mantra. One of the highlights of the celebration was the unique rendition of Surya Namaskar, where students surprised everyone by performing the sequence in 25 steps, deviating from the traditional method. The display of yoga poses using bamboo sticks and hula hoops added an enchanting touch to the event.

In line with the school’s commitment to sustainability, plantable pencils were distributed to the students, while UV glasses were provided to the cleaning workers. The plantable pencils, containing seeds within them, encouraged students to grow plants and raise awareness about environmental protection. Sajan Shah, a special guest speaker, presented

Addressing the gathering, Sajan Shah stated, “It is our collective responsibility to be mindful of the environment. Let us all take the initiative and contribute to creating a glorious future.” He further emphasized that by understanding the significance of environmental protection, children can actively participate in making the Earth greener and more sustainable.

As a gesture towards fostering environmental awareness, students were encouraged to bring the plants grown from the plantable pencils back to school. This initiative aimed to prevent the seeds from going to waste and help children develop a sense of responsibility for environmental preservation.

The celebration concluded with teachers showcasing Taliyoga (rhythm-based exercises using bamboo sticks) and a dance performance, highlighting the power of yoga.

Adani Vidyamandir in Ahmedabad serves as an exemplary academy that nurtures gifted children facing financial challenges. Currently, the institution provides free quality education to 1,000 students from Ahmedabad, instilling core values and creating opportunities for their bright future.

The unique celebration of Yoga Day at Adani Vidyamandir not only promoted physical and mental well-being but also encouraged students to embrace sustainable practices and become advocates for environmental protection. By integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into the event, the school succeeded in fostering a holistic approach to education, instilling values that extend beyond the classroom and positively impact the community and the world at large.