Adani Capital’s fun initiative to make the workplace healthier

To create more awareness regarding physical and mental health, a fun and engaging Zumba session was organized for the employees.


Ahmedabad : Recently, to commemorate World Health Day, special Zumba sessions were organized for the employees of Adani Capital, wherein the employees were motivated to keep up with their fitness levels. The main objective of the program was to educate and encourage the employees to maintain not just their physical health but also their emotional and mental health, especially in today’s stressful and mechanized lifestyle.

The fun and entertaining Zumba session saw several employees participate with great gusto and zest. Not only did they sway to the foot-tapping beats of the music, but once the session was concluded, everyone diligently and attentively took notes from the trainer on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Yogesh Patil, one of the enthusiastic participants at the event, says, “Doing Zumba with my other colleagues was a fun way to shift the focus on our health and understand the importance of the same even in your everyday life. I am thankful to my organization and the organizers for organizing such a wonderful session. During this session, we also got a chance to get our hands on some amazing fitness mantras.”

Chetan Sunkara, the organizer of the Zumba session, added, “We believe that taking care of the employees’ health is extremely important for the success of any organization. Our aim is to keep employees fit and productive in a healthy working environment. We regularly organize various fitness activities like yoga, and cricket tournaments that make the bonding between the employees better and help them stay fit.”

In today’s time, more people are known to be suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease due to a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of exercise. Regular exercise has both physical and mental benefits, and fun sessions like Zumba inspire people to stay healthy and fit even amid their busy schedules.

Zumba is known to be an effective form of cardio that not only focuses on weight loss but also helps you tone your entire body, boosts your heart health, helps you de-stress, and it helps release endorphins, which trigger positive feelings throughout the body, leaving you fresh and happy all day.