A former Gujarat IPS officer has been accused of sexual harassment by a woman

The case has highlighted the infighting within the IPS lobby


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : While several police officers are being investigated for allegedly stealing police officers’ locations and selling them to bootleggers, another alleged sexual harassment scandal has rocked Gujarat police. This scandal occurred just days after the retirement of a senior ex-IPS officer. While many believe that this is a ploy to discredit the celebrated ex-IPS officer, others believe that a proper investigation handed over to local police could shed some light on the alleged sexual harassment scandal.

According to top Gujarat Police sources, a woman filed an affidavit in Gandhinagar court alleging that a senior IPS officer who retired just days before used to sexually harass her. According to Blunt Times sources, it was a case of forced conversion. The woman claims that the ex-IPS officer, who others told her was an ex-DGP, summoned her. This is when a rival officer of the ex-IPS stepped in. This IPS officer has some of his men stationed in Juhapura, Ahmedabad. According to sources, the rival officer then directed his men to have the woman file a FIR in court and tell the alleged story. The woman presented the affidavit to the local court on Friday. Just as the affidavit was filed the social media was full with comments such as “Soon an ex-IPS will be in trouble, wait for a few days”. Until the very last moment, the respective police officials denied any court-ordered inquiry. However, a day later, an investigation was handed over to the local police.

According to the allegations, a Hindu woman married a Muslim man. Later, the woman had filed a complaint under the sections of forced conversion. According to sources, a local “Vahivatdar” of another senior IPS officer contacted the woman and told her that the ex-IPS officer who summoned her is a very powerful police officer and that if she works in his house as domestic help, the ex-IPS officer would help her. The woman was hesitant to visit the ex-IPS officer’s official residence. However, she later filed a motion in court, claiming that a man close to the ex-IPS had asked her to work at the ex-IPS officers’ home in exchange for “inreturn” assistance in the case.

Concerned IPS officers are remaining tight-lipped about the entire case, but confidential sources confirmed that because the ex-IPS officer’s name was dragged in a corruption scam involving crores, the administration is also not pleased with the officer, and the ex-IPS may soon face some trouble. However, the alleged sexual harassment incident has brought to light the various lobbies operating among IPS officers, as well as infighting among them.

There was a rumour in the state police galleries about a month ago that the ex-IPS officers and his blue-eyed boy, an inspector, had extolled crores of rupees from a high-profile accused. This sparked a major controversy, and the inspector was ultimately suspended by the home department rather than the state police chief. The ex-IPS officer did not respond to calls from the Blunt Times. “The government is taking the inquiry seriously and if anything substantial against the ex-IPS officer or if the role of the other IPS officer surfaces, strict action would be taken against both”.