Dumas Chowpaty, built for Rs 4 crore, is in ruins.

Dumas’ visitors’ area has been overrun by filth, garbage, and stray animals.

Surat (Gujarat) [India], November 13 :  When Nirav Dixit, a private banker, saw the state of Dumas Chowpaty, he was outraged. Dixit took his wife and two children on a day trip to Dumas Chowpaty two days ago. He was visiting Dumas for the first time since Covid. To his surprise, the newly constructed visitors’ area was filthy and littered with garbage, with stray dogs and cattle loitering in search of food.

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has invested more than Rs 4 crore in the Dumas Recreation project. The entire Dumas Chowpaty was renovated to provide a beautiful spot for the residents of Surat. The entire 500-meter stretch from the ‘Langar’ junction in Dumas to Chowpaty has been developed as an activity zone, and there is a large visitors’ area where people can hang out.

The main attraction for visitors is a 27-foot-tall and 13-foot-wide demon made out of over 5,000 plastic bottles. The demon is directly in front of the visitors’ area, where people could take selfies with their loved ones. However, due to the filthy environment, few people enter the visitors’ area.

The eateries permitted inside the visitors’ area at Dumas do not keep their surroundings clean, allowing stray dogs and cattle to eat the leftovers..

Rajesh Patel, a visitor at Dumas said, “The civic body has spent crores of rupees for the development of Dumas Chowpatty, but it has gone down in the drain. There is no upkeep on the part of the SMC’s Athwa zone, which has turned the chowpaty filthy”

Sources said the entire activity area and the visitors’ area are left at the mercy of the god. There is no security personnel appointed by the SMC to guard the recreation zone at Dumas.

Shaily Shah, a college student who came with her friends to enjoy the Dumas Chowpatty said, “We thought the civic body will maintain the Dumas Chowpatty for the people of Surat, but they have failed. Dumas is again left at the mercy of the mischief-mongers and people who enjoy damaging public properties. Dumas is one such example. We were upset when we saw the condition of this beautiful place”