Lungs of a brain-dead patient from Surat transplanted in a patient from Kolkata.

Manish Shah

Surat: A 53-year-old embroidery owner in the city has become the first brain-dead patient whose lungs were donated and transplanted in a patient in Kolkata on Tuesday. This is the first interstate lungs donation and transplantation in Eastern India from Surat.


Manish Pravinchandra Shah, 53, an embroidery unit owner, residing at Pooja row house at Adajan has become the first cadaver donor to donate his lungs to a patient in Kolkata on Tuesday. The city-based Donate Life NGO facilitated the donation of lungs of the brain-dead patient through United Green Hospital in Surat.

Volunteers of Donate Life said the lungs were transported to Kolkata from Surat in just 190 minutes and that they were transplanted in a 46-year-old patient suffering from severe lungs disease at Kolkata’s Medico Super Speciality hospital on Tuesday.

Nilesh Mandlewala, founder and president of Donate Life said Manish Shah had suffered severe headaches and pain in his left hand. He was diagnosed with 100% blockage in one of the veins in the left heart. He (Manish) was shifted to the ICU and that his CT scan report suggested brain hemorrhage and severe blood clotting in his brain.

However, Manish Shah was declared brain dead by a team of doctors including Neurosurgeon Dr. Dhaval Patel, Intensivist Dr. Samir Gami Physician Dr. Krishna Gandhi on September 19.

The wife of Manish Shah, Mona Shah stated that her husband had suffered coronavirus in June-2020. After he recovered, he suffered mucormycosis in November-2020, and that his 16 teeth and jaws were removed.

Talking with TBT, Nilesh Mandlewala said, “WE are very much thankful to the doctors and management of United Green hospital for their wholehearted support. Also, we are thankful to NOTTO, SOTTO Gujarat, ROTTO East, IKDRC Ahmedabad, Medica Superspeciality hospital Kolkata, SMC, Surat Airport, etc. for their wholehearted support”