Braindead diamond polisher sparkle lives of four patients by donating his vital organs.

Surat: For years, he polished sparkling gems for the diamond connoisseurs across the world. After he was declared braindead, this 35-year-old braindead diamond artisan added glitter to the lives of four patients by donating his vital organs including kidneys, liver, lungs, and corneas.

Mansukh Kathrotiya, 35, a resident of Pasodara Patiya in Kamrej, suffered a severe brain stroke on August 2. The family members immediately rushed him to a private hospital in Kamrej where the CT scan and MRI reports suggested severe blood clotting in his brain, which resulted in paralysis.

Kathrotiya was shifted to the Venus hospital in Surat on    August 4. After four days long treatment, the doctors declared him braindead. Neuro physician of Venus hospital, Dr. Rakesh Bharodiya contacted the founder and president of city-based NGO, Donate Life, Nilesh Mandlewala, and informed him about the braindead patient.


Mandlewala along with his team of volunteers reached the Venus hospital in Rampura and convinced the family members including the young wife of the braindead patient for donating the vital organs and help save the lives of the other patients, who need organ transplantation.

The wife of the braindead patient, Rita Kathrotiya came forward and agreed to donate the vital organs of her braindead husband to Donate Life.

Mandlewala contacted the convenor of the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (SOTTO), Dr. Pranjal Modi, and informed him to collect the donation of lungs, kidneys, and liver. The kidneys and liver were sent to the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC), while the lungs were sent to the MGM hospital in Chennai.

A team of doctors from the Chennai-based MGM hospital arrived in the city on Sunday to collect the donation of lungs.

The lungs of a braindead patient in Surat have transported 1,610 kilometers away in Chennai’s MGM hospital within 160 minutes and that it was transplanted in the 51-year-old woman suffering from severe lungs disease.

The liver was transplanted in the 54-year-old man at the IKDRC in Ahmedabad. The kidneys of the braindead patient could not be transplanted as there was severe clotting and they were of no use to the recipients.

After the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Donate Life has been able to persuade the donations of 36 kidneys, 20 livers, eight hearts, 12 lungs, one pancreas, 34 corneas, and the tissues that gave the new lease of life to 102  people.