Rander’s Botawala Trust felicitated by Anjuma-E-Islam for the exemplary service during Covid-19.

Surat : IT was a proud moment for the residents of Rander when many charitable and social trusts working for the upliftment of the Muslim community were felicitated on the occasion of the completion of 125 years of the oldest running trust of Surat, Anjuma-E-Islam in Rander on Saturday.

The Anjuman-E-Islam trust, established in 1896 in Rander, with the sole mission to help the community members in the time of distress. The trust has been helping the community kids, their families for education and medical expenses.

Currently, the trust is providing scholarship and medical expense every month to the needy people in the community. The trust is helping students, widows, senior citizens for their medical, food and scholarships by raising funds from the community members settled in the country and abroad.

Anjuman-E-Islam, Rander felicitated the Botawala Charitable Trust and its trustees for their exemplary services for the community members. It was the Botawala trust and its trustees who first took the initiative to illuminate the streets of the then Rander town with oil lamps and laid the water pipeline in the Tapi river to quench the thirst of the people in the town.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Botawala Trust provided free treatment to the community members infected with the deadly disease and distributed food to the needy people in Rander.

Zuber Botawala of Botawala Charitable Trust was felicitated by the Anjuman-E-Islam trust for their exemplary services to the people during the coronavirus pandemic.