Diamond weighing 393 carats recovered from Karowe mine in Botswana

pic courtesy : Lucara diamond corp.

Surat: For the diamond connoisseurs in the world, this piece of news is certainly going to give them goosebumps. The world’s seventh-largest bigger than 300 carats has been recovered from Botswana by the Canadian miner, Lucara Diamond Corp.

The rough diamond weighing 393.5 carat or 78.6 grams top white Type Iia gem quality was recovered from the Karowe diamond mine in Botswana.

Till now, six rough diamonds with a size bigger than 300 carats have already been recovered from various mines across the world. The Karowe diamond mine’s  M/PK(S) unit of the South Lobe in Botswana, operated by the Lucara Diamond Corp., has produced three gem-quality diamonds in 2021.

Earlier, a 341-carat rough diamond was recovered on January 14, 2021, and a 378-carat diamond was recovered on January 26, 2021. All three rough diamonds are top white gems.

During the same production month, a 156.2-carat top white gem-quality diamond was also recovered from the processing of M/PK(S) material.

Eira Thomas, the CEO, said: “This recent recovery continues to demonstrate the strong and consistent resource performance of the South Lobe. The 393-carat and 156-carat diamonds add to the collection of significant diamond recoveries in 2021, as Lucara looks to ramp up construction activities for the proposed underground expansion at Karowe.”