Terrace gardens have become boon for Surti women in Covid times.

Surat : Anupama Desai, a housewife from city’s posh Bhatar area has not visited the market to purchase vegetables in the last several years. Reason : Anupama cultivates vegetable on her own on the sprawling terrace of her bungalow for satisfying the daily need of veggies for her family.

Anupama is not a lone case. About 1,200 women in the diamond city have been cultivating different types of fruits and vegetables on their terrace garden and have lessen the dependency of visiting the vegetable markets for their daily needs.


If the experts are to be believed then the coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s lives radically. With the change in lifestyle, people are becoming aware in terms of environment.  In Covid times, Surtis are focusing more on getting healthy diet by growing different types of vegetables on their terraces.

The indoor garden provides the family with a healthy and organic diet.  The vegetables available in the market are mostly produced with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Home-grown vegetables taste a bit different.

“I have made my family self-sufficient in healthy food by growing vegetables like Karela, Cantola, Fenugreek, Mint, Tulsi, Succulents, Custard apple, Mulberry, Tomato, Red Okra, Sweet potato, Nagarvel etc. on my terrace” says Anupama Desai.

Anupama and scores of women in the city underwent training at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) run by the Navsari Agriculture University (NAU) at Ghod Dod Road. He says that KVK working at Panas in Surat of Navsari Krishi Uni.  Sisters are trained in kitchen gardening.

“For me, terrace gardening has become a means of reconciling nature,” Anupama says.

“I am very happy to be immersed in nature.  Children become acquainted with various elements of nature.  Today’s children are lost in the imaginary world of mobile.  Currently urban children do not recognize vegetables or flowers.  They are also unaware of the usefulness of basil, turmeric, sweet and bitter neem.  Terrace gardening is the best way to teach children to love nature.  It is our responsibility to provide clean and pure air, water and food to the next generation” she added.

Janak Rathore, head of the KVK told TBT, “We are imparting training on terrace gardening at our centre in batches. At present more than 12000 people in Surat city are cultivating organic vegetables on their terraces.”