Environment activists demand handing over of the three lakes in Abhva village to NCS.

Surat : Environment activist and nature lovers in the diamond city have demanded the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) must hand over the three beautiful lakes at Abhva village behind the Surat airport for conservation of biodiversity to the Nature Club of Surat (NCS).

Environmentalists said the unscrupulous elements had encroached on the periphery of the lakes by constructing tin-shed structures. It was after the pictures of the illegal construction went viral on social media platform, the SMC officials carried out the demolition and cleared the peripheral areas at the Abhva lake.



Rajesh Modi, a nature lover said, “These three lakes at Abhva village could become the most beautiful place for hangout for the Surtis, if they are properly maintained by experienced NGO like NCS. NCS has transformed the Gavier lake into Surat’s jewel of biodiversity with flora and fauna. Now, it’s time for the civic body to take decision and hand over the lakes in Abhva to the NCS for restoring the biodiversity”

Modi added, “Surat is bestowed with some of the beautiful lake. It is the need of the hour to establish Surat Lake conservation and development authority for protecting the wetlands in the city”

Nainish Parekh, environmentalist told TBT, “Destruction of the waterbodies must stop immediately. On whose patronage this is going on? It is when the environment activists point out about the illegal activity, the SMC takes action. It is the responsibility of the civic body to hand over such beautiful lakes to the experienced people for increasing biodiversity and turning it into the picnic”

According to Parekh, there are elements in Abhva village who are literally dumping garbage on the pristine Abhva lake. Most of it was the construction material waste from the nearby projects. This is killing our lakes”