Donate Life shows unique gestures towards those who donated organs in Covid times


Surat : Donate Life, a non-profit organisation and pioneer in the field of cadaver donations in India, has shown a unique gesture by publicizing the photographs of the cadaver donors, whose family members donated their vital organs during the Covid-19 pandemic starting from June-2020to June-2021 on Saturday.

Donate Life officials said that during the Coronavirus pandemic, when there was a sharp decrease in the ratio of cadaveric organ donations in India, Donate Life was able to facilitate the donations of 32 kidneys, 17 livers, seven hearts, 10 lungs, one pancreas and 30 corneas. A total of 97 organs and tissues gave news lease of life and vision to about 91 people across India and the globe.

Donate Life is the pioneer for the first ever successful cadaver heart transplant and transfer in Western India and the first ever inter-state heart transplant from Surat to Chennai and Indore.

According to Nilesh Mandlewala, founder and President of Donate life, there are over 20 lakh patients across the country awaiting for the kidney transplant and that two lakh patients are added in the list every year. The numbers for various other organs like heart, liver, eyes are equally shocking.

As of now, Donate life have procured 392 kidney, 162 liver, 33 heart, 14 lungs, eight pancreas, 294 eyes and four bones. In the process, Donate Life has given new lease of life to about 829 people across India and the globe.