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M Square Media (MSM) expands its presence in quality education management by setting up Australia Advisory Board

M Square Media

MSM has Advisory Boards in the U.S, U.K, Europe, and Canada.

Australia Advisory Board comprises highly respected members having decades of experience in the international education sector.

Canada, March 24: M Square Media (MSM), a Canada headquartered education company and leader in innovation and globalization initiatives in the international education sector, is expanding its brand of quality education management in Australia with its new MSM Australia Advisory Board.

The newly formed Advisory Board—MSM has Advisory boards in the U.S, UK, Europe, and Canada—comprises highly respected members having decades of experience in the international education sector.

 Leading the MSM Australia Advisory Board as chair is Robert Lawrence, the founder, and director of international education research and market group Prospect Research and Marketing. He is joined by Advisory Board members including Sarah Todd, Vice President for Global Engagement at Griffith University, Sarah Lightfoot, CEO, UNSW Global,  and John Bolton, Senior Strategic Adviser, Global Engagement at Deakin University.

Rob Lawrence is one of the world’s top education experts. For three decades Rob has worked in 38 countries on projects for the Australian, British, New Zealand, Canadian, and Singapore Governments, all of Australia’s State Governments, many peak bodies, over 90 universities around the world, and, countless colleges, schools, and institutions. His leadership style is fuelled by his reliability, creativity, and constant pursuit of innovation.

Sarah Todd, on the other hand,  is an expert leader in the international higher education sector. She has over 15 years of leadership experience and is known for her dedication, commitment, and mastery of the sector’s best practices.

Currently, Sarah serves as President of APAIE (Asia Pacific Association for International Education), Deputy Chair of the Study Gold Coast Board, and is a member of the Queensland Government’s International Education & Training Advisory Group, among others.

Another board member, Sarah Lightfoot brings with her over 15 years of leadership experience as a senior executive. Under her leadership, she has transformed global operations across Asia, the Middle East, and North America. For Sarah, cohesive team culture is integral to success. This is evident in her last role, as General Manager of Marketing and Sales at one of the world’s largest university pathway providers where she was responsible for the recruitment, marketing, and admissions of 16 colleges and university campuses across Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, and Singapore, leading a sales and marketing team across 25 countries.

John Bolton brings senior leadership experience and engagement with local and international stakeholders on a diverse range of University-wide strategic initiatives. Academically, John’s research is focused on the development of transnational education partnerships since Covid-19 in Australia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. With his experience in leadership positions across seven countries in multiple sectors, John brings his customer-centric approach to the company.

The MSM Australia Advisory Board will bring extensive experience in the Australian international education sector and offer recommendations and insights concerning some of the challenges in the sector, including international student recruitment and the development of sustainable growth, supporting Australia’s rebound from the pandemic.

The MSM Australia Advisory Board will also guide the company’s expansion in the country, by highlighting MSM’s key services: global agency and in-country offices for partner universities and colleges in Australia, the MSM Unify international education marketplace, college management, strategic partnerships, and pathways.

About M Square Media

M Square Media (MSM) is a Canada-based education company and leader in innovation and globalization initiatives in the international education sector. MSM serves 900+ partner institutions around the world through its global and in-country office model. Since its founding in 2012, the company has processed more than 110,000 student applications. Headquartered in British Columbia, MSM is present in 21 countries. It offers leading-edge international recruitment, marketing, and business development solutions to partners in 36 countries including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.