FIRST IN INDIA : Surat’s New Civil Hospital (NCH) to use the latest diagnostic ultrasound system based on 4D Artificial Intelligence for obstetrics and gynecology.

Surat: The New Civil Hospital (NCH) in the diamond city of Surat has become the first government hospital in the country where the baby in the mother’s womb will be treated and diagnosed with the state-of-the-art 4D technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The obstetrician and gynecologists at the NCH will be using the latest cart-based ultrasound system and tailored solution to cover the entire continuum from pre-pregnancy to obstetrics and post-partum. The NCH has purchased the Nuewa i9 4D ultrasound system based on AI worth Rs 60 lakh for the effective diagnosis and treatment of the baby in the womb of the mothers and the complete healthcare of the mothers.

The Nuewa i9 ultrasound system was inaugurated by BJP Gujarat Chief, CR Paatil at the NCH in presence of senior doctor and senate member of the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU), Dr. Mahendra Chauhan, and the vice-president of Gujarat Nursing Council, Iqbal Kadiwala on Thursday.

According to Mindray, the China-based global leader in providing the latest medical devices and solutions, the Nuewa i9 offers an unrivaled ultrasound scanning experience in its class. The feature and innovation have been deliberately designed to address the daily challenges faced by obstetricians and gynecologists clinicians. The result is a full-stack smart solution for extraordinarily efficient care, which covers the entire continuum from pre-pregnancy to obstetrics and post-partum.

NCH is the only government hospital in India where the fetal medicine department is functional since 2018. Earlier, the aspirants wanting to pursue M.D and MS Gyneacology in fetal medicine had no other option, but to travel to Chennai and Delhi.

In 2018, the fetal medicine department was started leadership of Dr. Binodini Mahendrasinh Chauhan with the support of the State Government and the VNSGU. At present, fetal medicine has three seats for six months and one seat for one year. In the last three years, Surat has got about 14 fetal medicine experts from the six-month course and three experts from the one-year course.

“Thanks to the fetal medicine department at NCH, there has been a tremendous decline in the maternal and child mortality rate. Timely diagnosis and treatment have brought great relief to poor and needy patients. In private hospitals, patients have to cough up Rs 4,000 for fetal medicine, whereas the NCH has been providing the fetal medicine diagnosis and treatment to more than 50 patients per day free of cost.

In addition to this, the fetal medicine department has been performing various procedures including blood transfusion in the fetus, treatment of deformity, sickle cell, genetic counseling, public awareness, and counseling to prevent miscarriage.

On this occasion, Dr. Purvi Desai of the radiology department, Dr. Ragini Verma of the gynecology department, Dr. Binodini Chauhan, syndicate member, Dr. Mahendrasinh Chauhan, Dr. Anjani Srivastava, and Gujarat Nursing Council vice-president, Iqbal Kadiwala remained present.