Adani Foundation celebrates ‘National Nutrition Month’ in the malnourished Narmada district.

Surat :  At a time when efforts are being made across the country to eradicate malnutrition in the children, the Adani Foundation conducted a comprehensive public awareness campaign in about 50 villages in the malnourished Narmada district in Gujarat as the part of the ‘National Nutrition Month’ in September.

The nutrition month was celebrated in about 50 villages in the malnourished Narmada district to find ways to treat the children and make the future generation healthy. About 950 women in the Aanganwadis and 187 ‘Suposhan Sanginis’ participated in the month-long nutrition drive in Narmada district.

The Aanganwadi women and the Suposhan Sanginis  would visit the villages and search for the malnourished children in the district along with the volunteers of the Adani Foundation and the cooperation of the State Department of Women and Child Development.

During the Suposhan Month celebration, about 1,00,000 beneficiaries were reached by the Adani Foundation in 50 villages of Narmada district and that the malnourished children were identified. These severely malnourished children were screened, parents were given vital information on the services offered in the Aanganwadis and the Bal Seva Kendras (child service centres), period for the physical and mental development of the child, food provided to the children from outside, spreading awareness about the food through interactive rangolis, wall paintings, use of different kinds of food and their nutritional values etc.

The Adani Foundation carried out wall painting in the villages on the theme of nutrition to the children for spreading awareness among the parents, awareness rallies, yoga programmes, nutritious food making training to the mothers of the malnourished children etc.

With the view to reduce the incidence of anemia among the adolescent girls, the Adani Foundation, Aanganwadi women and health workers put up a coordinate effort on the lifecycle approach. The main objective for the campaign was to prepare the adolescent girls and the future mothers to give birth to the healthy babies when they become pregnant.

Gram Sabhas were organised throughout the September month to spread public awareness on the 10 measures to be taken up at the village level to care for the pregnant and lactating mothers during and after the delivery of the babies.

About 29 women were felicitated with the appreciation letters for their remarkable service in the eradication of malnutrition in the Narmada district during the event organised at Garudeshwar in Narmada district.