Doctors from the gynecology department of New Civil Hospital perform challenging surgery to remove an 11 kg tumor from the uterus and ovary of a tribal woman from Surat’s Umarpada taluka.

Surat: After rendering the best medical services during the coronavirus pandemic, the doctors and nursing staff of the New Civil Hospital (NCH) have added yet another feather in their cap. Doctors of the gynecology and surgery department of NCH performed a successful two-and-a-half-hour-long complex surgery to remove an 8 kg tumor from the uterus and a 3 kg tumor from the ovary of a tribal woman from Umarpada taluka in Surat district here on Tuesday.

Sources said the operation to remove a total of 11 kilograms of tumor from the uterus and ovary of the tribal woman was performed free of cost by the doctors of the NCH.

Lalita Shanker Vasava, 40, an unmarried tribal woman from Surat’s Umarpada taluka was suffering from unbearable abdominal pain for the last six months. Her stomach would remain bloated and that she could not perform the daily activities including eating, sitting, sleeping, etc.

Lalita went to her sister’s place in Godhra for treatment in the private hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with a tumor in her uterus and ovary. The doctors at the private hospital in Godhra gave the estimate of the operation worth Rs 3.50 lakh.

However, Lalita’s family decided to bring her to Surat, and that they visited the NCH for the diagnosis at the gynecology department on September 6. Lalita’s family informed the doctors about their financial condition. The doctors performed sonography and MRI and found the jumbo tumor of  8 kg in the uterus and 3 kg in the ovary.

The doctors of the gynecology department at NCH including Dr. Dhwani Desai, Dr. Jay Choksi, Dr. Kuntal Prajapati, and Dr. Ekta Patel successfully operated on the tribal woman and removed both the tumors. A total of four bottles of blood were given to her during the surgery.

Talking with TBT, Dr. Dhwani Desai, associate professor of the Gynecology department of NCH said, “Our team is happy to perform this challenging surgery of the tribal woman. Lalita had two large tumors in her body at the same time, which were putting pressure on the intestines, including the uterus, ovaries, pancreas, and blood vessels. If the 11 kg tumor had not been removed, the patient would have been at the risk of cancer and death in the later stage”

Dr. Desai added, “Due to unbearable pain, she was not able to sleep and eat and that she had lost about 15 kg weight. The amount of blood in her body was very less and that her hemoglobin had dropped to the level of 7.5. Now, Lalita can live a healthy and normal life”

Lalita’s brother-in-law Ashokbhai said, “Lalita is unmarried and that she lost her father a few years ago. They are three sisters. We are indebted to the doctors of the NCH for performing free surgery and giving  her a new lease of life”