Trendz Abacus students gains entry into Gujarat Book of Records-2021 for high speed mental calculation.

Surat : Four lads have brought laurels to the city by gaining entry into the Gujarat Book of Records-2021 for their high speed mental calculation.

Surat has marked its name in Gujarat Book of Records, 2021 with the entry of the names of four of its students in high speed mental calculation.

Four students of Trendz Abacus, Surat have registered their names in Gujarat Book Of Records, 2021 in different categories of mental maths and calculations in 1 and 3 minutes time.

Zaina Sameer has completed 1D*1D mix Dodging 153 steps and 1 Digit 150 rows in 1 minute with 100% accuracy. Nirvaan Kothari has completed 2Digits 100 Rows, 4 Digits 10 Rows 5 sums, and 1 Digit 50 rows 5 sums within one minute round.

Akshita Jhawar has completed 6 digits* 1 digit multiplication 12 sums in 1 minute. Parth Khetan has achieved 1 digit*1 digit* 1digit multiplication 70 sums in 3 minute round.