The alertness of firefighters helps rescue a woman about to jump from the 10th floor of a residential building in Vesu.

Surat: Alertness and spot counseling by the firefighters helped in the rescue of a distressed woman who was about to jump from the 10th floor of a high-rise apartment in the posh Vesu area on late Sunday night.

Official sources in the fire and emergency department of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) said the incident occurred at Nandan-1 apartment in Vesu. Kavita, 40, had locked herself in the balcony of her flat on the 10th floor and threatened to commit suicide by jumping to the ground.

After receiving a call, firefighters immediately rushed to the spot with the Turn Table Laddar (TTL). Two firefighters went on the 10th floor using the TTL and engaged the woman and counseled her for not taking the extreme step. When the rescuers reached a close distance from the victim, they caught hold of the woman and brought her down in the TTL.

Basant Pareek, chief fire officer (CFO), SMC told TBT, “It is very difficult to counsel a distressed person who has made up his mind to commit suicide. She had locked herself in the balcony and that the family members were unable to open the door. However, we had to use the TTL to reach her in the balcony”

Pareek added, “The rescuers did a fantastic job on the ground. First, they tried to engage the woman in their talks and later counseled her. It went on for more than 20 minutes when the rescuers caught hold of her and brought her safely on the ground”