Braindead security personnel from Jharkhand give new lease of life to four by donating heart, kidneys and liver.

Surat : A braindead security personnel employed with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) gave new lease of life to four patients after his family members decided to donate the vital organs on Saturday.

Lieutenant, Shailesh Singh was employed as the security personnel at the ONGC at Ichhapore. Singh, who was living with his family, was hailing from Jharkhand. This was the first cadaver donation by a migrant from Jharkhand in Surat.

According to the Donate Life NGO, Singh had met with a gruesome accident when he was going to report on duty on July 9. Singh had sustained serious brain injuries  and that he was rushed to the New Civil Hospital (NCH) for treatment.

Later, Singh was transferred to the Global Sunshine Hospital. After few days of treatment, the doctors declared him braindead on July 16.

Nilesh Mandlewala, founder and president of Donate Life NGO told TBT, “After the ill-fated security personnel was declared braindead, his wife and brother decided to donate his vital organs to save lives of the patients. Singh’s heart, two kidney and a liver was donated by his family”

According to Mandlewala, Singh’s heart was transported through air from Surat to Ahmedabad. The heart reached Ahmedabad in 80 minute and that it was transplanted in a 22-year-old youth from Jhamkhambhalia at the CIMS hospital.

The transplantation of liver was done at Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre (IKDRC), Ahmedabad and that the kidneys were transplanted at IKDRC and KD Hospital in Ahmedabad.

This was the 34th heart, 394th kidney and 163rd liver donation through Donate Life NGO.

“We are thankful to NOTTO, SOTTO Gujarat, IKDRC, CIMS hospital, KD Hospital and the police team from Ahmedabad and Surat. This was the first incident of organ donation from a Jharkhand resident in Surat” said Mandlewala.