National traders’ body demand implementation of e-commerce policy to monitor e-com business in India.

Surat : Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has urged the Commerce Ministry to immediately roll out e-commerce policy and appoint a regulator to monitor e-com business in India in order to curb the unethical business practices and protecting the small traders in India.

CAIT said the draft e-commerce rules under the Consumer Protection Act have been designed in a way to set the basic fundamentals and parameters of e-commerce business in India,  which has registered an exponential growth since last year but suffers with various kinds of irregularities, anomalies and unhealthy business practices of some of the major foreign funded e-tailers.

In fact, the e-commerce trade has been taken as a valuation game under the garb of providing at the door services. The exploitation of the e-commerce business has reached to an extent that lakhs of shops have been forced to close by unethical business practices of e-tailers in India.

Praveen Khandelwal, secretary general, CAIT said, “The foreign funded e-tailers are unhappy with the draft e-commerce rules, which are likely to bring drastic changes in their existing business format”

Khandelwala said the foreign funded e-tailers are the second edition of the East India Company. It is high time the stringent e-commerce rules will drive them out of the country. “The claim of e-tailers that their business model has greatly empowered small businesses in India is a blatant lie and cover-up. We will do everything to oppose foreign funded e-commerce” said Khandelwal.