Surat Chamber asks Gujarat Government to release subsidy for effluent treatment plants

Surat : The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) has sought the release of pending capital subsidies under the Gujarat Industrial policy-2015 for the four Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) operated at Pandesara, Sachin and Hojiwala industrial estate.

SGCCI wrote a letter to Dr Rahul Gupta, industries commissioner, Government of Gujarat on Saturday stating the three major industrial estates, housing textile dyeing and printing and weaving units have, in Surat have a total of four CETPs to treat effluent generated by the industries having high concentration of hazardous chemical and dyes at Pandesara GIDC, Sachin GIDC and Hojiwala industrial estate located in Pandesara and Sachin respectively.

The Gujarat Government under its industrial policy-2015 had a provision to disburse capital subsidy under the heading ‘Assistance to Common Environment’ to the eligible applicants towards setting up

These CETPs were found eligible under the scheme of capital subsidy, but unfortunately a considerable time has lapsed even after their partial work is completed and the claims have been registered with the competent authorities in line with the guidelines issued by the government. However, the eligible capital subsidies are yet to be released.

According to the SGCCI, the total outstanding subsidy amount for the four CETPs in Surat is worth Rs 15.67 crore. Timely release of the subsidy will enable the growth of the industrial estates and augment manufacturing industry during this critical post-covid times.

Jitendra Vakharia, president of South Gujarat Textile Processors Association told TBT, “The Pandesara Infrastructure Limited (PIL) had undertaken project of augmentation of CETP for improving its performance. Unfortunately, the last two claims with the Government worth Rs 6.50 crore is yet to be released”

Vakharia added, “Release of state subsidy is very crucial for cash flow of the project. In absence of subsidy, there is an additional burden of interest adding to the cost of project”


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