Best out of Waste : SMC’s tertiary treatment plant at Bamroli, an elixir of life for textile mills in Surat.


Surat : The textile dyeing and printing mills at Pandesara GIDC won’t face the shortage of water to process the famous ‘Surti’ fabrics. Thanks to the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) for setting up 40 million liters per day (MLD) Tertiary Treatment Plant (TTP) for supplying industrial grade water to the Pandesara industrial estate.

The state-of-the-art tertiary treatment plant at the Bamroli Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) has the capacity to treat about 40 MLD of secondary treated water. The STP in Bamroli has the capacity of treating 100 MLD sewage water.

Surat is considered as the hub of the Man-Made Textile (MMF) textile industry.  The textile industry here needs millions of liters of water daily in the manufacturing of fabrics.

Pandesara Industrial Estate is an important textile cluster with more than 125 textile dyeing and printing units.  The civic body has been supplying about 60 MLD of tertiary treated water to the dyeing and printing mills to lessen their dependency on the water tankers.

The TTP at Bamroli has been functioning since 2014.  The plant with a capacity of 40 MLD converts wastewater into treated water that can be used by the textile dyeing and printing mills.

The plant is equipped with sand filtration, disc filtration, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and activated carbon filter technology. The tertiary treated water is sold to the industrial units of Pandesara Industrial Area at affordable prices.  Providing an example of ‘Best from the Waste’, the SMC is earning extra revenue income.