Vanita Vishram’s ‘Sangaath’ initiative to uplift and empower widows in diamond city.

Vanita Vishram


Surat : The city’s largest educational institution, Vanita Vishram catering to the needs of a girl child from pre-school to college education has come up with a unique initiative ‘Sangaath’ to make the widow women empowered and self-sufficient.

Vanita Vishram was founded in on May 15, 1907 by two widows–Bajigauriben Munshi and Shivagauriben Gajjar–with a missionary zeal for the upliftment of widows in the society. With the generations passing by and proper understanding of the changing needs of the society, Vanita Vishram  continuously expanded its scope of activities to fulfill its mission in form of a new avatar named “Sangaath”.

It is the largest educational institution that caters to the needs of a girl child from pre-school to college education  in just one campus. It is spread over 27 acres of land in the heart of the Surat. Started as a humble organization with the motto of “Empowerment of Women through Education”,  Vanita Vishram  has today become a large respected organization committed to the advancement of women of all ages by providing them opportunities for personal development, empowerment and rejuvenation in a conducive environment.

Through “Sangaath”, Vanita Vishram institution intend to make the women in the society, who have lost their spouses, empowered and self-sufficient. In addition, efforts will be made  to find the best fit for their skills and knowledge and connect them with the employers. Furthermore, widows will be provided support about entrepreneurship schemes and support schemes available from the Government of Gujarat.

“We are planning to collaborate with organizations and institutes for taking up their corporate social responsibilities seriously and not only provide employment to bereaved women but also give them avenues of professional growth and career development. The intention of “Sangaath” is to focus on those women who lost their spouses” said an official of Vanita Vishram.

Women wanting to join the initiative may register on email :  or call on 0261- 2300274.