Jyotiraditya Chatterjee awarded gold honour certificate by IAAC, Germany

Surat : City lad Jyotiraditya Suprabhat Chatterjee, 20, has brought laurels for placing himself among top 2% of all the participants in the world at the final round of the International Astronomy and Astrophysics (IAAC) competition-2021, organised by the IAAC in Germany.

Chatterjee was selected in the final round of the IAAC competition and that he achieved a brilliant milestone by securing top 90 position in the entire world. There were over 4,700 participants at the IAAC competition from across the world.

He (Jyotiraditya) was presented with the Gold Honour certificate by the IAAC . The final round was a supervised exam of 40 questions which required comprehensive astrophysics and astronomy knowledge. He score 25 points to get himself placed among the top 2% of the participants from the world.

Suprabhat Chaterjee, father of Jyotiraditya told TBT, “We are proud of our son for achieving this feat at the world level. He has been awarded with gold honour certificate after all the three rounds of the competition, which requires comprehensive knowledge and problem solving skills, along with the recent research articles in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.”